Joint disease and their treatment.

How often pain in the joints for the modern man is not a serious reason for a visit to the doctor; first, in pursuit of the rhythm of life is not free time, secondly, any pharmacy will offer an assortment of drugs to relieve pain. Actually, eliminating only the syndrome of the disease (in this case pain), we skip without attention a very important Wake-up call made by the body that all is not well. Treatment of diseases of the joints should begin immediately after you find yourself sympatry, which are listed below.

Predisposing factors:

- lack of physical activity, which can lead to muscle weakness on the one hand, and to increase body weight, on the other (the stress on the joints increases with each typed kg);

- modified food, bad environment, as a rule, give us a huge problem called allergies, which plays a cameo role in the problem;

- age-related changes occurring in the joints and throughout the body;

- numerous injuries and minor injuries;

- metabolic disorders in the joints;

- hereditary factor.

Joint disease is arthritis and arthrosis.

Arthritis is the inflammation of one joint (the defeat of several joints - arthritis). The most common are:

is osteoarthritis, which is characterized by unpredictable growth of bone tissue and the formation of bone spikes, both inside and outside of the joint (often affects the knee and ankle joints, sometimes in the lower spine);

rheumatoid arthritis typically manifests with symmetry of joint damage, involving an inflammatory process surrounding tissue (muscles, skin, blood vessels and nervous tissue).


- pain, aggravated by movement;

- limited mobility in the joint, its increase;

- presence of signs of inflammation (subcutaneous edema, hyperemia);

- in patients with severe inflammatory process in the joints can increase body temperature, as well as the emergence in the articular capsule of the inflammatory exudate.

There are arthritis acute (sudden onset, severity of symptoms) and chronic (slow). The diagnosis of reactive arthritis is installed when the inflammation in the penetrated infection. Bursitis is inflammation of periarticular bags and accumulation of inflammatory exudate.

Arthrosis (osteoarthritis) are called the defeat not only of cartilage, and ligaments, articular membranes, periarticular muscles and bones, and is connected, as a rule, with metabolism in cartilage tissue.


pain inside the joint, aggravated by movement;

- crunch in the joint during movement;

- restriction of movements, especially in the morning.

The most frequent cases: gonarthrose (lesion of the knee joint), coxarthrosis (lesions of the hip joint), the upper periastron (damage to the shoulder joint). Limited mobility at the beginning of the disease, leads to disability in consequence of (dangerous running arthrosis).

Diagnosis of diseases of the joints is performed on the basis of clinical manifestations and results of examinations (radiography, tomography), blood tests and periarticular fluid, vegetative resonance test.

Treatment is aimed at:

- pain relief (analgesics);

- remove inflammation (use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids, muscle relaxants);

treatment of the underlying disease and the elimination of the causes of diseases of the joints.

Physiotherapy is widely used, manual, ozone therapy, medicines for external application, and operative methods of treatment.

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