Jogging helps in the prevention of osteoarthritis

Note, we are talking exclusively about healthy and dosed running. Data on the benefits of running have been established by scientists from Baylor College of medicine (Houston, USA).

Experts say, running not only increases, but also reduces the risk of developing osteoarthritis. Earlier runners were advised to take more time off classes. These recommendations mainly belonged to the Mature and elderly people.

Osteoarthritis is an inflammatory degenerative disease of the joints, manifested in middle and old age. The cartilage of the joint is damaged and is replaced by bone tissue. In articular capsule can accumulate inflammatory fluid, people with osteoarthritis often experiences pain, increasing physical activity.

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If you start Jogging at a young age, it can help in the prevention of osteoarthritis. Of course, to approach running with the mind. The choice of the distance, outfit, style, and intensity Jogging affect the benefits derived from the process.

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