Jelly jelly strengthen joints

With the onset of the fall season increases the influx of patients who complain of pain in the joints.

Among the diseases of the joints greatest prevalence got arthritis. This disease can often affects people between the ages of 30 and 50 years, but women rheumatoid arthritis catches up to 3 times more often than the male population. This is because female sex hormones increase inflammation. In this disease the joint becomes hot, swollen, lost his mobility. If the arthritis is not treated, people for 1-2 years may become disabled. From changes in the tissues of the joints begin arthrosis. Microtrauma cartilage gradually accumulate, the patient begins to experience pain, limited movement of the joint, and then there is often an inflammatory process. With osteoarthritis not to joke and to self-medicate. A trip to the doctor increases the chances of recovery. Remember, the joint - it's not just the bone and cartilaginous connective tissue, composed of the protein collagen. To support them you can fully balanced meal. Myron O. advises there are dishes with gelatin - jelly, jelly, and to use the complexes of vitamins and minerals. To conduct prevention strengthen the joints should limit consumption of salt, which retains fluid in the body, increasing the swelling of the joints and focusing inflammation.

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