Jealousy leads to dramatic external and internal changes

In one of his articles in the publication the Times of India published a statement from the scientists who claim that jealousy entails changes in human behavior. As was often the object of passion becomes similar in external and internal qualities of the person, but the opponent is the complete opposite.

Eric Slater, a Professor at the Villanova University argues that man begins to radically change its behavior only in the case if the front of love appears rival. Here is a full revaluation of its appearance and behavior. Thus, jealousy is an incentive for conversion. In that case, unless there is not one candidate, which amounted to competition in respect of the object of love, the partner believes it is not something in itself to change.

At the University of Stirling was also conducted an experiment on the effect of jealousy on human behavior. However, scientists have largely tried to predict the reaction of the female half of humanity and to determine the influence contraceptive behavior. As a result, in the experiment participated 275 women who told me how much they trust their second halves and reaction to flirting with other women.

While participants felt an ardent concern for subsequent life together and immediately started biased to assess their appearance. And those women who had used contraceptives became overly suspicious and even obsessive. This is because there are tablets of hormones that affect emotions, that is a side effect when applied. Other consequences of the use of contraceptives may be reduced sociability, changing preferences in men, and may increase intelligence.

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