Jealousy inflatable woman: it exists

A group of specialists in the field of psychology in the United States conducted a study aimed at the study of interpersonal social phenomenon, as a zealous relations of partners to each other.

Specialists upon completion of the survey concluded that the attitude towards the institution of marriage and fidelity of the spouses among the population of economically developed countries in recent times has changed radically. The survey, which was organized by psychologists, was conducted on one of the most popular US websites dedicated to Dating.

If the results of the earlier studies talked about the fact that most people who are in a relationship, viewing pornographic films believed that this is sort of cheating, the survey showed today for modern people this lesson treason is not. In this expressed its recognition more than 95 percent of respondents. About 15% of the people surveyed said they are ready to forgive their partner disloyal, but only provided that this betrayal was committed with special married. One out of three people can forgive infidelity, but only if there are compelling explanations.

Almost 60 percent who took the survey participants noted that they never recognized your partner of infidelity if the cheating on their part can be considered as an innocent affair. The same number of respondents said that does not represent relations within monogamy throughout life.

But the most amazing for researchers the fact is that about 5% is considered as treason sex with an inflatable woman bought in the sex shop.

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