Japanese scientists have made the first transplantation of retinal stem cells

Japanese scientists reported the successful transplantation of the retina. Feature operation - retin-a expressed from stem cells engrafted in the patient and performs its function - captures light, transmits nerve impulses, says ITAR-TASS.

Specialists from the Japanese national Institute of natural Sciences held the first of its kind transplantation of retinal stem cells. The operation agreed 70-year woman, who has lost his sight. After all the necessary manipulations, the patient noted that the image remained the same blurry, but became lighter.

It is difficult to predict whether it will be possible for doctors to restore vision completely, but the fact of transplantation complicated body, created from stem cells, worthy of respect. In the future, scientists believe, the shortage of donor organs will be solved thanks to stem cells.

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The next stage of Japanese experts will conduct a series of five direct retinal to build on the experience and confirm the effectiveness of the method.

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