Japanese scientists have learned to substitute reality [PHOTO]

Japanese scientists have created a system that is able to trick the human brain. Wearing on his head a special helmet, the person may not understand what he demonstrated the scenes are real and which are fictional.

The researchers decided to try to recreate the process described in the scientific and popular hit "Start", in which scientists were free to embed in the minds of people need ideas, with the substitution of reality. As told by Daniel Bates in the newspaper The Daily Mail, in the laboratory of the Institute of physical and chemical research RIKEN (Japan) was established virtual reality helmet, which can convey so strong visual and sound effects that deprives our brain with the ability to distinguish reality from fiction. Based on advanced development for gamers, the Japanese have created a system that gives the illusion of presence in a substituted reality. According to project leader Professor Keisuke Suzuki, the chief pursuit of the scientists in this experiment was to explore what cognitive mechanisms underlie the strong belief of the person that everything that happens in the dream is real.

The researchers hope that the experiment will be able to give them the key to understanding people with hallucinations, able to see multiple "realities" at the same time.

During the experiment, the participants come into the room and received guidance from project managers, sat down on the chairs and wore helmets. All this was recorded on camera. Then the helmet began to broadcast a series of scenes, some of which went "live", while the rest were recorded. Although the majority of wards scientists were able to understand what is shown to them the scene where they are in the room, recorded, some subjects took account for reality. These study participants even when they explained the entire course of the study, and were not able to distinguish recorded from reality.

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