Japanese scientists have learned how to grow hair where you wish

Japanese scientists from the Science University of Tokyo have learned how to grow hair cells. They were able to grow from stem cells in hair follicles and transplant them to the back of his head bald mouse, where they successfully established and grew new hair.

Takasa, Tsuji, lead author of the study, promises that will soon be able to develop a convenient and safe way to restore balding men luxurious hair.

Surprisingly, after 21 post-transplant hair from the mouse began to sprout, not much has changed the situation, when the bulbs began to grow from stem cells in mice and human cells. However, while it is worth noting that the hair grew colorless. Once grown hair fell out, in their place began to grow new ones - that is, the cycle of hair growth was fully automated.

In the future the ability to grow new cells from stem will be key opportunities to grow specially organs for transplantation, the patient's body will not reject.

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However, all balding already, it is too early to rejoice, according to clinical trials will begin only after two years, and in treatment practice this method will not be earlier than ten years.

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