Japanese scientists have invented a drug that detects the Ebola virus in 15 minutes

Scientists from Hokkaido University have developed on the basis of the drug for the diagnosis of influenza a means for the rapid identification of the Ebola virus. Testing the serum of monkeys infected with a virus, has yielded positive results and confirmed the effectiveness of the method. Coming soon will be a series of experiments with human blood serum.

"Definition of infection at an early stage will begin treatment and prevent the spread of the disease. We will continue our research in order as soon as possible to start its widespread use," comments on the results of Agency Kyodo Professor, Hokkaido University Added Takada.

The new method requires only 15 minutes to identify the virus. Other modern methods take at least two hours. Rapid detection of the disease, it is important to save the lives of patients. From 25 thousand cases of infection of 10 thousand people were killed.

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The Ebola outbreak started in 2014. Most of the diseases suffered Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea.

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