Japanese scientists: coffee and green tea reduce the risk of stroke

The following carried out by Japanese scientists study, regular consumption of coffee or green tea reduces the risk of stroke by 20%. This study lasted for 13 years, and during this period attended 83000 people of both sexes in the age group from 45 to 74 years.

The researchers analyzed survey data and health volunteers and concluded that those who drank one Cup of coffee, or 2-4 cups of green tea daily were almost 20 percent less likely to experience their stroke, according to Science World Report.

In addition it was found that 1 Cup of coffee or 2 cups of green tea daily reduced by 32% risk of bleeding in the brain, which occurs when a blood vessel bursts inside the brain tissue, the so-called hemorrhagic stroke.

The author studies Ishihira Kokubo said that such a large-scale study carried out for the first time, and thanks to him, was thoroughly studied the combined effects of coffee and green tea on the risk of stroke. He recommended preventive measures regularly consume green tea.

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The effect, which turns out to be coffee or tea, scientists have not understood completely. BUT scientists tend to think that these drinks are opposed to the formation of blood clots. In their view, coffee contains chlorogenic acid, which reduces the risk of diabetes of the second type, which in turn reduces the possibility of occurrence of a stroke. Caffeine affects blood pressure and cholesterol level in blood. And antioxidants the cachectins, which in large quantities in green tea, protects the blood vessels from clogging.

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