Japanese scientists: aura exists!

Japanese scientists have shown that the aura actually exists. Using a highly sensitive camera they shot coming from a person of light that is not visible to the eye. Most illuminated areas of the cheeks, mouth and neck. Morning glow strong, and at night it is almost not visible, according to RG.ru.

This scientific fact was commented famous Russian biochemist and biophysicist Gennady Gorushkina. According to him, personally, he does not need to prove the existence of the aura, as he sees it, and to the naked eye. He also agreed with the theory of the existence of the so-called sixth sense, but is captured by the Japanese, the glow of his carrier, he was not clear.

Goryushkin compared Japanese opening with the gas discharge visualization method, which was invented long enough academician Konstantin Korotkov and tested many times. This method allows you to call the glow on the body, and the resulting luminescence image, similar to what was done by the Japanese.

Method for purification of the aura will help to diagnose the physical condition of the patients. Bad light, or no light around a person can tell about the disease of one or another of the human body.

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