Japanese scientists are planning to create a supercomputer for the development of anti-cancer

Scientists from the Japanese Institute of physical and chemical research informed the public about the intention to create a supercomputer. The main task of the machine will be to develop tools against cancer, says Japan Daily Press.

Large capacity, experts say, is necessary for the analysis of protein structures. Plans to build a computer with the processing power 100 times greater than the fastest to date Computer To" located in Japan.

For the analysis of protein structure requires a huge amount of time. Therefore, computing power is so necessary. In the future the information will be used to develop new anti-cancer.

The estimated cost of the project is at 7.55 million dollars. The computer is relatively compact and will be located in the Department of RIKEN (Kobe). Major American and European companies are already using the received information in their pharmaceutical activity.

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scientists believe that the new supercomputer will be a huge competition in the drug design on the world market.

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