Japanese diet

The last few years remains popular Japanese diet, which you can get rid of up to 6 kg of weight per week. Moreover, during the diet significantly improves health, the body is filled with energy and becomes less susceptible to colds.

The Japanese diet are the principles of food combining, simple carbohydrates are not used at all, and carbohydrate food only in minimal quantities. Are 13 and 7 - day courses of diet.

Advantages of the diet:

- the use of inexpensive and available products;

- balanced menu does not allow you to experience the feeling of hunger;

- during the diet produced food habits that allow you to continue to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The rules of the diet:

- not to give in for one day. At first it will seem that this food is impossible, but after a few days all will come in norm;

nothing to salt, because salt retains water and the extra weight is bad is reset;

- in the cooking process do not apply seasonings and spices, as they only contribute to the improvement of appetite;

- increases appetite and alcohol, and therefore it is excluded from the diet;

almost all flour products, except grain crackers, rye bread, are eliminated;

- calorie diet for one day should not exceed 1200 kcal;

vegetable oil is used in reasonable quantities. It cannot be ruled out, because proteins and fats cannot be absorbed without it;

on the day you need to drink up to 2 litres of water, which is especially important in the diet. Water can be a normal filtered or mineral water without gas;

output from the diet is a little, what would a sharp transition did not affect the health of the digestive tract. But the entrance to the diet should not be casecentral. A few days should give up salt and sugar, reduce the amount of fatty foods;

- you should follow the menu as it includes all the features of human metabolism and even a small deviation can make the diet ineffective;

- snacks are eliminated;

- the last meal - not later than 7 o'clock in the evening;

even if a person is healthy, before you start a diet you need to consult a doctor.

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