Japanese development will allow to get rid of dry eyes when wearing contact lenses

People suffering from poor eyesight, often while wearing contact lenses experience discomfort, which is associated with the development of dry eye syndrome. Prolonged wearing of lens causes dryness of the surface of the eye the blinking rate decreases, and the rate of evaporation increases. Thus, the cornea is at risk to be damaged, which causes inflammation and discomfort.Scientists from Japan invented a way to eliminate this frequent problem. A group of researchers from Tohoku University have developed snowladies lenses. They can support a layer of fluid under the lens adjacent to the surface of the eye. This effect was achieved due to the fact that upon contact of hydrotel (made lens) the current will then flow through which from the natural tear reservoir located in the lower eyelid, in the sky, liquid.At the moment, scientists have been studying the possibility of wireless power lenses. The plans of scientists increase the rigidity of the lens and reducing the voltage level required for operation of the system.

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