Japan strengthens the health of centenarians computer games

Famous company Namco Bandai, who created the legendary "paquement manages one of the nursing homes. Developers firms offer guests a home to develop their health through active computer games. Information published by CTV News.

The population of Japan, since 2007, is aging. In this country the birth rate is among the lowest in the world, however, an extremely high life expectancy of the Japanese. In the nursing home from Namco Bandai used regular visits to the playrooms. Entertainment were specially designed for the elderly. These computer games can be used as gymnastics, they have a competitive element that adds an element of excitement.

The article describes one of the favorite activities include playing Thrilling Snakebuster II. The player is offered to destroy the snakes that overtake the player from all sides. Using special sensors, taking into account the movement of the person. Such charging improves circulation and trains the muscles.

Today in the nursing home uses four games for different muscle groups. To game development in the field of health lifted and other giants, for example, Nintendo, manufacturer of games and gaming consoles.

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