Italian scientists have developed a drug from the female infidelity

Italian scientists created a sensation in the world of pharmaceuticals. They developed the world's first tool that allows you to control the sexual desires of women. Experts say that the drug binds a woman to a certain young man, and she has no desire to treason.

Giuseppe Raioni, head of research group, argues that a drug called "Female fidelity" (female fidelity) only influences women and the mechanism of its action is based on the hormonal influence. Studies show that the propensity to change is associated with disorders of the nervous and endocrine systems.

Tablets affect the hormonal background and focus women on only one beloved man. The base means includes testosterone, the male sex hormone. Besides him, are contained in the tablet neurostimulators and other medicinal substances. The drug normalizes the functions of the female body, resulting in attraction to other men is lost.

Note that according to scientists, the tendency to polygamy in women genetically determined and associated with the ancient desire to survive and leave offspring.

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