It is likely that the largest U.S. cities will be under water

Climate Central Benjamin Strauss is an independent organization for the study of climate on earth in his report state that in connection with the changes already in a hundred years, more than 1700 cities, located on the territory of the United States of America will go under water. Among the cities will be drowned cities such as new York, Boston and Miami.

The increase in global sea level is associated primarily with increased greenhouse emissions. Thus, according to scientists by the end of this century, the level of water in the seas and oceans will peak, and after ten years, approximately 80 U.S. cities will be under water. While scientists have indicated the approximate number of those who suffer from natural disasters, the number amounted to 835 thousand people.

Florida resort and part of Miami are the most risky area. According to preliminary data, these settlements will go under water already in 2041 year. Then follow the palm beach and other centers of world tourism.

Currently, the Pentagon is developing an action plan for the relocation of the naval base from Norfolk, which will be put into action, provided that the risk of flooding will still be confirmed.

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