It is enough to replace one sweet drink a glass of water to lose weight

To start the process of losing weight does not require a lot of victims, according to scientists from the Polytechnic University of Virginia. They proved that failure of one portion of sweet drinks a day can significantly reduce overall caloric intake and improve health. The results tells the newspaper The Times of India.

Volunteers were asked instead of sweet drinks to drink a glass of water. This step allowed to reduce the caloric content of the diet in an average 6%. Scientists pay attention to the amount of sugar contained in Cola and other sodas. By the half-litre bottle contains 50 grams or 10 teaspoons of sugar. Think about it, if you add as much sweet tea or coffee?

Scientists found that those who like sweet drinks depend on other not so healthy food: processed red meat, cleaned grains, and starch. Apparently, food human behavior from holistic and complex mechanism, which has yet to understand.

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