It is a matter of "voluntary"

The chief psychiatrist of the Ministry Yevgeny Bryun told reporters at a press conference on the eve of international day against drug addiction and drug business that for students taking a test for drugs should be voluntary step.

Also Eugene Brune noted that the task of parents and teachers to educate the children the natural rejection drugs, the same routine, like washing hands before eating and brushing your teeth. Public health problem in developing social pressure. At the first stage it is important to detect by testing the use of harmful substances a teenager or an adult. The second stage is detected and logged disease, at first just for preventive monitoring, but if the teenager already got addicted, he was sent on clinical supervision, increases social pressure. If the patient commits a misdemeanor because of the drugs he sells, for example, he treated involuntarily.

However, at the moment does not consider the introduction of mandatory testing among students, it is only Advisory in nature for schools and educational institutions, to test the child and parents must give consent, and teachers should motivate students to give this consent. Brune noted that before the test, the employee must sign the paper, according to which it will not fire regardless of test results.

However, it is clear that what is voluntary-compulsory form to take the test on the case, after all, who can refuse it, will automatically be considered a drug. It is hard to imagine that most schools won't be strident.

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