It helps children to ponychat night

When the baby cries, the natural reaction of the mother to take the baby in his arms, to caress and soothe. Often before going to sleep, the children are capricious, and at night, Wake up, cry bitterly. Australian scientists believe that babies even useful to cry a little at night, then again at the sleeping baby sleep will be stronger.

Researchers from the University of Melbourne say, the mother should not flee at the first cry of the child at night. Better to take time and to be firm, in this case applied the concept used in the newest literature in Pediatrics "controlled crying". Scientists Australia studied the effectiveness of such methods of "controlled crying" 326 children.

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The study lasted for more than 5 years as at the beginning wards experts was 7 months at the end of 6 years. Parents half of the children had to use the method of "controlled crying" and not immediately to take the child in his arms, when he is whining at night. In the 1st times during the night crying baby parents had to wait for a pause of 2 minutes, after which he can start to soothe baby. On the second night of the waiting period was 5 minutes, and the third 10 minutes. So, increasing waiting time, parents had to make the baby waking up at night and a little Pechnikov, covered himself without lulling. In addition, parents of young wards researchers had to learn how to enable your body to relax a bit, falling asleep in the baby's room. On reaching children age 6 years, Australians conducted a series of tests to study the characteristics of sleep kids, their relationships with parents and the presence of behaviour problems. In 16% of children who have been taught the old fashioned way and rocked by the first cry at night, have been identified behavior problems. Among children who have been taught by the method of "controlled crying" problem was only 12%. In addition, moms using this new method, the risk of postnatal depression was decreased on the high rate of 40%.

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