It became known why a person loves chocolate

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania (University of Pennsylvania) was discovered, what is everyone's favorite treats like chocolate addictive. Researchers have tried to solve the mystery of "chocolateman".

As it turned out in the course of the research, the main reason in indanamine, the substance contained in cocoa. It is known fact that it gets rid of bad emotions almost like marijuana. Besides eating chocolate causes the release of serotonin, referred to as the "happiness hormone". It also contains substances that stimulate the brain.

But despite all these signs, the researchers say, what to say about the dependence is only due to the chemical composition is not necessary, because there are other factors. For example, consistence, structure, smell of chocolate - all these people can touch feel and taste. Expert opinion suggests that the female half of the population senses are more susceptible than the male half, so chocolate delicacy prefer women. Also as you know this delicacy are very high in calories, and thus harms the figure, which in turn imposes a ban on this product that makes it even more desirable.

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