Israeli scientists: the sperm from the bowl Petri - really

Asian journal of Andrology reports that Israeli scientists have managed to create artificial cultivation of male sex cells called sperm.

Scientists have developed a system for the cultivation of sperm from tubular cells of mice using three-dimensional nutrient agar. Results microscopy showed that artificially cultured sperm have normal morphology and contains the acrosome, which is responsible for penetration into the egg. The share of "effective" sperm obtained by the method of cultivation of about 6 percent.

Previously, scientists from different countries tried to cultivate spermatozoid, but they were unable to get full, differencirovannoe sex cell. The researchers believe that their success is linked to a nutrient media, which has allowed to simulate a natural environment for sperm.

Dr. Ball Signal, leading researcher of the Department of Microbiology and immunology of the University of Ben-Gurion, said: "the Differentiation of male germ cells in vitro makes it possible to study the process of spermatogenesis, and in the future will allow to develop effective methods of treatment of male infertility".

Scientists described an experiment in publishing have provided all the details of the work, including the schemes of cell cultivation.

The researchers decided not to stop their further work will involve finding ways to obtain effective male germ cells that will be able to fertilize the egg.

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