Israeli scientists have developed a new technique for the treatment of alopecia

Israeli scientists were able to grow hair on the spot baldness by injection of the solution containing blood products the patient. The researchers prepared a solution of blood, pre-treating it in a special apparatus, which emits a plasma enriched with platelets. The resulting solution in the form of injection was introduced under the skin of the patient, and scientists believe that it stimulates stem cells, which are under the skin. In the hair grows again.

The study involved 45 people with alopecia areata. The volunteers were divided into three groups. One group was made injections of the blood solution, to the participants of the second group was used steroid treatment, and a third group of researchers have prescribed placebo. During the month, each volunteer received 3 injections. The greatest growth was observed in the participants of the first group, which was made shots from a solution of blood.

At present the specialists of the Medical center, the Hebrew University, the International Foundation for the study of hair and the University of Brescia continue research in this area. They intend to create a form to their know-how, which would not require injections. Most likely, the solution will be produced in the form of a cream.

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