Israeli scientists have developed a new drug for the treatment of epilepsy

Professor of pharmacy Meir turned over to start and his team from the Hebrew University of pharmacy has developed a new drug for the treatment of epilepsy in patients with resistance to basic drugs.

Today, about one third of all patients with epilepsy cannot fully control the development of asthma because of their resistance to antiepileptic drugs available today.

As said Professor Meir turned over to start: "Often antiepileptic drugs are effective up to a certain time, then formed a resistance to the drug and two-thirds of patients can not control the development of epileptic seizures. This has forced us to search for new drugs".

The last trials of a new drug Valrocemide has shown preliminary positive results, the American company Shire Pharmaceuticals on the further development of testing and sale of the drug. A new drug is a derivative of a molecule of glycine - natural amino acids involved in metabolic processes in the brain.

Epilepsy is a serious problem for modern society. Patients with this diagnosis have a number of restrictions: may not work in specialties related with high accuracy and responsibility in America, with one attack a year man cannot obtain a driver's license. This all says about the importance of finding new drugs and treatment methods, which will be 100 percent control seizures.

I hope that a new drug will quickly all clinical trials and show high efficacy and safety.

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