Israeli doctors recommend not to take a shower more than twice a week

Israeli experts have found that frequent bathing with the use of liquid soap is not a useful exercise. The study's author, Dr. Rachel Locate recommends that even in the summer season to take a shower not bolee-3 times per week, ITAR-TASS referring to the publication in the newspaper "Haaretz".

According to Israeli experts, shampooing every day is also undesirable. Taken today in the world standards of hygiene, such as, for example, a daily shower, caused by social recommendations, but not medical. Meanwhile, according to the specialist, daily bathing with the use of modern hygiene, is hazardous to health, as frequent washing leads to disruption of the natural acid-alkaline balance of the skin, causing it to become dry and more vulnerable to bacteria and fungi.

The most devastating effect on the skin has a liquid soap, as it contains the most active ingredients. In addition, the liquid hygiene worse off with the skin. There is a study that found that the constant flushing of the upper layer of the skin breaks zones, which synthesize vitamin D, thereby leading to its deficiency in the body.

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Dr. Locate believes that health is more useful not to take a shower more frequently than 2 times per week, and to maintain hygiene should be performed on local procedures. In addition, the doctor recommended after bathing, wipe the ear with a towel and do not use special sticks or any other "borrowed" funds.

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