Israel: the operation to separate conjoined twins

In an Israeli hospital "Rambam" a few days ago was born with a very rare type of conjoined twins. Nature has disposed so, that inside the body of the main twin is immature fruit. Similar cases in medicine called "parasitic twin". Doctors in such cases, as a rule, direct all their efforts to save the life of even one child. "Parasitic" twin usually has certain defects, and its viability outside the body of my brother hardly seems possible.

The kid with the immature brother was born inside last week due to a cesarean section. Outwardly born brothers look that way, as though one of them on the belt is in another. From the belly of a healthy baby hanging limbs of his twin brother. Such an unusual appearance was surprising, even for experienced surgeons, never before seen anything like this.

After a series of investigations, it was decided to carry out the operation for separation of the brother of the parasite. MRI found that all the vital organs in the newborn their brother twin shared only the circulatory system and the liver. The complexity of the operation was compounded by the fact that the baby is revealed congenital heart disease, was conducted by the procedure of koronaroangiografii.

The operation to separate the twins was carried out by Israeli doctors. To judge the results yet, it is clear that the condition of the baby after the operation is assessed as severe, but doctors have hope that he will survive. The operation was attended, in addition to surgeons, pediatricians, specialists in blood vessels and cardiologists.

The operation of this kind, aimed at preserving the life of one of the twins, by decoupling the brother of the parasite was first held in Israel.

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