Ischemia - causes, symptoms, treatment

Coronary heart disease is a very common ailment. It is manifested as a consequence of the lack of oxygen supplied by the coronary arteries to the heart. This occurs in consequence of the formation of plaques in blood vessels that cause their contraction and, consequently, prevent the access of oxygen to the desired volume. Thus, the main cause of coronary heart disease is atherosclerosis. Treatment of coronary heart disease provides comprehensive, with the use of different drugs and techniques.

Causes and symptoms

The disease manifests itself gradually and its first symptoms appear during active exercise is shortness of breath, palpitations, pressure pain in the heart area, which indicate a severe lack of oxygen. Unfortunately, in 30% of cases the disease is fatal without proper treatment and prevention. Cause of death is rupture of cholesterol plaques which completely blocks the artery, and consequently comes myocardial infarction or cardiac arrest.

Symptoms of coronary artery disease determined by the extent of the lesion and the degree of oxygen deficiency:

Asymptomatic phase - define its only when thoroughly modern survey. Any signs of illness in this period are not available.

Angina occurs when a quick walk or run. Characterize this phase of crushing chest pain on the left side, gravity.

Unstable angina symptoms are worse and occur spontaneously, even in the quiescent state of the person. This indicates a more severe blockage of blood vessels. Often this condition is preceded by a heart attack.

Arrhythmic stage - when it is added to other symptoms severe arrhythmia, shortness of breath, the heart is working hard.

A heart - attack, strong, sharp, unbearable pain in the chest.

The onset of sudden cardiac death in a moment of complete blockage of the artery, the heart stops working.

All stages may occur in conjunction with each other, such deterioration can lead to irreparable consequences.

The disease, its stage and treatment

Coronary heart disease is an irreversible process and complete cure of the patient cannot happen, but contemporary medications help to slow the progression of the disease, and a long time to keep it in one form. As heart failure have other comorbidities in kidney, brain, pancreas and other organs.

The main stages of the disease include the following:


The foreshadowing - increasing sugar levels, cholesterol, hypertension.

The increase in symptoms is the deterioration of the heart muscle, the pain.

The final stage is a sharp deterioration of health and increased manifestation of symptoms.

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It is important to understand that the treatment must be prescribed and monitored by a qualified physician. To self-medicate cannot in any case.

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