Is there any benefit to drinking cocoa?

Cocoa, certainly, can be attributed to useful drinks. And it's not in vain. The fact that cocoa beans contain a lot of healthy vitamins, fiber, protein and fatty acids.

Particularly rich cocoa powder In vitamins b, PP, a, E, folic acid, theophylline, theobromine and phenylethylamine. The last three substances have toning properties and are an excellent antidepressant.

Also in a small amount of cocoa powder contains caffeine. The content slightly to 0.2 %, but these data should not be neglected when it comes to feeding children. For all others, the constant use of cocoa will only benefit. Because of the substances contained in the drink, normalize the functioning of all cells, are involved in the construction of various enzyme systems, protein synthesis and the synthesis of nucleic acids: RNA and DNA.

Use cocoa is that it heals wounds, helps in blood formation and normal development of the human body. Improves blood flow to the brain and lowers blood pressure.

In addition, cocoa powder contains all of the known pigment called melanin, which perfectly absorbs heat rays, thus protecting the skin from ultraviolet radiation and the occurrence of sunburn.

In spite of the above, often, you can hear the opinion that this drink can be harmful. Yes, indeed, this drink can be harmful, but only in cases where cocoa beans were stored in inadequate sanitary conditions. Or were grown in countries where were intensively treated with pesticides.

Not to be among the buyers of defective products, carefully read the information contained on the reverse side of the package. If the producer is China, then this product is best not to buy. In China cocoa beans do not grow. Chinese manufacturers are buying substandard, poor quality beans at a low price for their further processing for the manufacture of cocoa powder and cocoa butter. Accordingly, the processing occurs with great add stimulant, aromatic and flavoring.

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So do not lose vigilance and to remember that the quality and usefulness of the product depends on your choice, because the product itself and cocoa drink healthy. No wonder it is recommended to use both adults and children.

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