Is there an Allergy to Wi-Fi? – response specialists

In recent years, has formed the opinion: the waves from the wireless network Wi-Fi can provoke the deterioration of the condition and even allergies. Scientists believe that this is just a myth.

In Massachusetts (USA) the parents of one of the students sued the school. They were certain allergic child is associated with a ubiquitous wireless coverage of the school grounds.

Describes the symptoms of allergies are really alarmed. The boy complained of recurrent nosebleeds, dizziness, rashes all over the body. The doctors could not determine what allergens may be such a reaction. In the end, parents are self-diagnosed their child.

The requirement for the school within the framework of the trial were quite hard to refuse the use of wireless networks or to reduce the power of the signal routers.

For the case hooked scholars who completely denied the possibility of Allergy to Wi-Fi. Waves of this frequency are completely safe for the human body, and allergies the boy could develop for totally different reasons.

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