Is there a "point of pleasure" in women?

John haven with a group of colleagues analyzed more than one hundred research and found that there is no G spot in women does not exist, and her search for significantly complicate the relationship. Conclusion concluded on the basis of a number of anatomical studies of nature, which found that the so-called "points of pleasure" in nature. And the results of the opinion poll among the nearly 2 million women in the UK, finally consolidated the findings of scientists.

Scientists advise partners in vain not to look for a point of pleasure for women. This misconception was first promulgated by the gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg more than 50 years ago, and since men are looking for G-spot in women.

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In 2012, another specialist Adam Ostrzenski from the Institute of gynecology in St. Petersburg, said that based on their own research of the female anatomy, he can prove that the G-spot exists.

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