Is there a benefit in your favorite treat?

Today, many people in Russia have started to seriously think about how good is the abundance of products that fills the shelves. Control over food are public and professional associations. But the results are not encouraging.For example, we all love a treat of ice cream - so whether it is useful? And in General, does the right to be called a dairy product? Much love my fellow citizens is a well-known ice cream, tons absorbed in the heat of summer. According to GOST, the cream is prepared only on the basis of milk fat. Examination center of hygiene and epidemiology, Moscow, held in the previous year, found that almost all kinds of ice cream local production abound in vegetable fats - soft Margarines. It turns out that the label was not telling the truth. Sundae such is not the content. It is another unusual name - melanin.Has that changed for the better over the past year? Alas! Examination of ice cream showed a significant reduction in the level of calcium and phosphorus. Ice cream, which has almost no calcium - 90% less sad fact of our time.Harm from this delicacy, of course, will not be any, but good too. In this case it is not necessary to hope that ice cream as a dairy product, please provide us vital to the health of phosphorus and calcium. Yes, and their ratio in ice cream, contrary to right, as in natural milk, is not conducive to their full absorption. And it faces the risk of osteoporosis and impaired function of the heart muscle. As for children, abundant and regular consumption of ice cream for them and is fraught with the deformation of the musculoskeletal system and other problems in health.While the Supervisory authorities do not have the right to evaluate the usefulness of products, and only consider their potential harm, the market situation is unlikely to change. In fact, thanks to modern technology, manufacturers can quickly and inexpensively to produce the product, not inferior in taste natural. To care about the health of consumers is long, expensive, and is it necessary?Consumers can only hope for the integrity of the manufacturer by reading the packaging. Moreover, even the high price of a product cannot insure the availability of inedible components in the product.But the progressive community are not willing to put up with this state of Affairs, organizing civil consumer patrols. One of the first such organization appeared in Novosibirsk. Activists made test purchases products for the purpose of sending them for review. The aim of these raids is to oblige the manufacturers to think about the quality of the products. So, these checks revealed glaring facts: baby food, to put it mildly, not suitable for human babies - canned meat made without meat, dairy - without milk. As they say - no comments. Civil air patrol plans, the maximum expansion of the scope of its activities by creating branches in towns and cities. And behind these plans is not a simple manifestation of useless activity. Treatment activists in law enforcement agencies led to the discovery of administrative and criminal cases against dishonest manufacturers and sellers. Support media also plays an important role to activists patrol was able to convey important information about the goods to a large amount of consumers.

An important task in the Civic patrol is to ensure that sellers were promptly removed from the shelves of expired products that made them very reluctantly. Despite the assurances of the trade points in the vigilant control over the quality of goods, expired shelf life and a broken date on purchases are common. Unfortunately, this contributes to the existing distribution system. Also known practice of sending for recycling of obsolete products. So from stale sausage turns out the meats, and of dubious quality meat stuffing. It is obvious that the situation has changed, you must rebuild itself thinking producers and sellers. Fines, litigation and simply a bad reputation is a serious negative factor in the field of competition.

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