Is it possible to transplant the head: scientists ' opinions were divided

Turin neuroscientist Sergio Canavero argues that today there are all prerequisites for the operation to transplant the head. Such a statement he made in his scientific work, which is based on the sample undertaken in the seventies for transplants goals in monkeys. Previously, surgeons had posed the question of how to link the nerves of the spinal cord, and so the body below the point where it has been transplanted, was paralyzed. Meanwhile, Dr. Canavero sure that modern advances in medical science allow such an operation is already on the people.

According to scientist, neuroscientist, the biggest obstacle is the connection between a marrow recipient and donor, but today there is a method that will allow this, at first glance, unreal procedure. There are some rules that must be adhered to. First of all, it is necessary that both patients were simultaneously in the same operating room. In addition, the head must be cooled to a certain temperature, and it is up to 12-15 degrees. But the main factor is that to conduct this operation, surgeons have no more than an hour, as if transplantation will require more time, the circulatory system will be damaged. After you complete head transplant, you must rerun the heart, and then the surgeon can start connecting other vital organs, including the spinal cord.

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Many colleagues Canavero have already criticize his categorical statement that the nerve fibers can be linked with polyethylene glycol as connecting the spinal cord to the head of another being has never been successful even in animals. In addition to the technical aspects of transplantation of the head, there is another problem, namely, a fabulous the cost of the surgery, which will cost not less than $ 13 million.

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