Is it possible to hurt the two influenza viruses at once?

It turns out that there is a percentage of people who get sick at the same time, seasonal and pandemic influenza. Seasonal strain H3N2 and pandemic H1N1 swine flu have been identified in the body of Cambodian teenagers in 2009. A full study of genomes has shown that viruses are not together recombinants in new forms, and coexist in the body.

The patients were cured, but researchers believe that most influenza viruses mix and form new dangerous Mostafavi strain. Most often it is the combination of pandemic influenza H1N1 and regular virus leads to new forms of swine flu, which can not always save the vaccine.

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According to the world Health Organization patients simultaneously with the avian influenza virus and related diseases was killed in 60 percent of cases, as the immune system could not cope with the load. Just found a similar medical cases - 566 people were killed 332 of the patient. Mixing swine and human virus can become much more deadly mixture than H1N1 or H5N1 avian influenza, which is rarely transmitted through human contact with the person, but rather in contact with infected poultry or street flocks of birds.

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