Is it possible to get rid of allergies?

Many people today do not so much rejoice in the warm days, which occur immediately after the winter. Many flowering shrubs and trees, as well as other things can cause severe allergies. It is spring and summer for Allergy sufferers or people with allergies, be the worst periods in life. Most people believe that to cure allergies impossible, it can only learn to live and to buy for special medications, but it is not so. Many modern doctors believe that allergies to get rid of you, if you know a few rules.

About allergies in recent years, many myths and legends. For example, it is believed that frequent medication allergies can cause it, in the end, will recede. It is not so. Taking medications, you only remove the symptoms of allergies, but will not affect its cause. Many, moreover, try to prevent allergies, taking pills before comes the flowering season. But it is also ineffective. Most people believe that expensive products are the best in the fight against allergies. But it's not. All the drugs that exist today, have the same composition, so the rule “the more expensive the better” here does not work.

One of the great ways you can combat allergies today, consider cleansing the blood or plasma exchange. It works rather effectively, especially in combination with other methods, for example, by taking tablets. Although plasmapheresis may not completely cure the person from allergies, it is one of the best ways little to alleviate my condition.

One of the most common myths that appeared today, this statement is that from allergies cannot be cured. Due to the method, which is called specific immunotherapy, Allergy successfully treated. The main feature of this method is the fact that allergies are gradually being introduced small amounts of allergens in the body. During this treatment, the dose of allergen is constantly increasing, which leads to the fact that the body gets used to them and no longer responds. The course of specific immunotherapy to last about three years, but it is not necessary to go to the hospital. During this method, the allergens may be introduced by injection or instillation under the tongue. The majority of patients after immunotherapy soon enough forget about allergies.

Many today believe that allergies can be inherited. It's not quite true, after all, is only able to be allergic and not the disease itself. Even if both parents have allergies, it does not mean that their child will also have it to hurt. Could also be that the Allergy will appear, but the reason it will be completely different. If you want to protect your unborn baby from allergies, you need to pregnancy to undergo specific immunotherapy. In this case, the possibility that the child will be allergic, is significantly reduced.

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