Is it possible to correct curvature of the spine

When people are faced with the problem of scoliosis or kyphosis, it automatically raises the question: "is it Possible to correct curvature of the spine?" Unfortunately, it is sometimes overlooked is precisely the moment when the curvature correction possible with the minimum of expenditure of time, effort and material resources. That is why you should be attentive to the health of their children, their posture, gait, appearance.

Typically, the curvature of the spine begins at an early age. It may be congenital curvature and acquired. The latter type is more common among young people. The reasons usually are:

• Sedentary lifestyle,

• Incorrect position at the work place,

• Weakness of the muscles of the back,

• Heavy loads on the spine,

• Genetic characteristics of the organism,

• Trauma,

• Polio

• Rickets,

• Asymmetry of muscle development,

• Paralysis,

• Underdevelopment of the vertebrae and the soft cartilage.

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Accordingly, the curvature of the spine has a different degree of development:

• grade 1 - this is slightly noticeable stoop, different shoulder level.

• grade 2 - the presence of pain in the back, the asymmetric blades, stoop. This degree of curvature is the most common.

• grade 3 - pronounced constant back pain, a change in the shape of the back, bulging edges.

• grade 4 - severe curvature, in which the deformed spin, you receive the hump of the ribs.

There is a complex of measures for the treatment of diseases:

• Manual therapy. Stretching, fix the actuator in the correct position in the various divisions of the spine and other structures.

• Massage for muscle strengthening and proper blood supply to the organs.

• Physical therapy aimed at restoring the functionality of the whole organism.

• Corset for visual alignment practical and gradual changes in the structure of bones and muscles. He serves as a support and aesthetic basis.

• Proper diet using foods with a high content of calcium, protein, vitamins.

• Acupuncture, healing the nervous system and strengthens muscle tone.

• Physical therapy to strengthen the muscles, tendons, joints.

All these measures give stunning results only when a persistent and regular use.

If the first stage of spinal curvature it is possible to correct or stop their further development, 3 and 4 degree not treated with conservative methods. For this purpose there are operational measures of treatment.

Surgery offers a 100% correction of spinal curvature, however, significantly alters partially aligned. The operation is carried out when there is a threat to human life due to violations of the functionality of other internal organs. Only the lack of positive results from the use of the above methods of treatment gives the indication to operative treatment.

The operation for aligning the posture is difficult, dangerous and expensive process, which is carried out with the consent of the patient. Usually during surgery are implants and special holders that hold the spine and straighten it.

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We should always remember that any preventive measures to prevent the disease is always better than cure the disease.

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