Is it bad to feel too good?

Positive emotions, such as joy, is good for your mental and physical health, but also contribute to the development of creativity and friendship. However, in people with bipolar disorder all too well. Scientists from Yale University believe that an overabundance of positive emotions is a negative factor in bipolar disorder.

One of the characteristics of bipolar disorder is an extremely positive mood or even mania. People in power mania of SeverEnergia, little sleep, very confident. At first glance it all seems positive for the disease, however, such people can dial the credit card debt, ruin their marriage. Bipolar disorder is unique in that upsets a person's life by means of positive emotions. While most diseases do it with negative feelings.

People with bipolar disorder feel happy when I hear a baby crying, or even in connection with the death of the father, even during the disgusting films with repulsive scenes. Even when a romantic partner shows that unhappy, they are not able to feel the mood. This rose-colored glasses, which do not allow to see the life and destroy social ties.

Hence, people experiencing joy in the wrong for situations that show early signs of this disorder. Scientists investigated College students without a diagnosis, it was found that those students who experienced more positive emotions in various States, are prone to a higher risk of developing bipolar disorder.

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