IRTC has not agreed to a settlement agreement with a former Director

The fired Director of the Interbranch scientific and technical complex "eye microsurgery" (ISTC) Hristo takhchidi filed another lawsuit against the Ministry of health with the requirement to restore it to the position of Manager of the complex.

Lawyer MNTK stated that the settlement agreement with the former CEO will not. Not received proposals for a peaceful settlement of the conflict and on the part of counsel, Tochigi.

Hristo takhchidi more than ten years headed the IRTC, and in November last year, was dismissed on the initiative of the Ministry of health. As commented in the Ministry of health, the head of IRTC there were complaints from staff and patients, in addition he was involved in illegal commercial activity, what was the reason for his dismissal. Now the post of the head of the complex is Alexander chukreev included also in the General Council "United Russia".

Takhchidi considering his dismissal illegal, filed a lawsuit in the court. The complaint was granted and the decision of the court Hristo takhchidi again took the post of head of complex on April 18 of this year. But two days later he was again dismissed.

Takhchidi announced that surrender he does not intend, and again filed a lawsuit in the court. The hearing will be held July 20.

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