Irreparable harm can cause health smartphones

Experts of the Chartered society of physiotherapy stated that humanity has become "slaves monitors" and it often works behind the monitor (or display) while on the road or after work coming home. In the first place from this suffering, our posture, and secretly appear dull pains in the neck and back. Physiotherapists in turn say: "Mankind must learn to brave off their devices.

Based on the results obtained during the Internet survey 2010 employees, almost 2/3 of the respondents and outside continue to work. Specialists report that, on average, while continuing to work on the electronic device, people are more than two hours daily to prolong their working day.

Dr Helena Johnson - Chairman of the Chartered society of physiotherapy, States: "Perform extra work at home in a small number may seem like a great short term solution to the problem, however, if this work will become a routine and integral part of your evenings, it can cause problems such as back pain and cervical spine, as well as diseases that inevitably lead to stress".

And Brendan Barber, General Secretary of the British trade Union Congress States: "Employees are overworked, not only it is much worse to cope with their functional duties in their primary working time, but many times more often suffer from various diseases due to the constant stress caused by excessive load due to their habit to continue work and at home". Barber also emphasizes: "Mankind must learn to brave off their smartphones".

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