Iron deficiency adversely affects the child's behavior

As you know, if a child is born with low birth weight, the risk of health problems increases significantly. At the same time, according to the journal Pediatrics, possibly earlier reception dietary supplements, iron-fortified, would avoid these difficulties.

In accordance with the results of the study, the behavior of children who have slight weight gain, almost did not cause problems. According to Xinhua, the survey was conducted among 285 children whose weight ranged from 2000 to 2500 gr.

The studied children from age 6 weeks to six months, daily was given 0.1 or 2 mg of dietary supplements of iron per kilogram of body weight. As a result, children with underweight, not receiving supplements, variations in behavior was observed in 13% of cases, whereas among children who took 1-2 mg of dietary supplements, this indicator did not exceed 3%.

Thus, scientists proved an unequivocal link between iron deficiency in children with deviant behavior. This means the advisability of taking dietary supplements, even those children with behavior which, despite the lack of weight, not a problem.

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