Irkutsk scientists are developing a vaccine against influenza in the form of spray

Scientists from Irkutsk branch of NPO "Microgen" began to develop a new vaccine against influenza. Its main feature is the ability to act in the form of a spray. Note, this is the first national vaccine in the form of a spray. It is based weakened influenza virus strains.

The drug, like most modern vaccines, will have a high degree of purification. The shape of the spray will ensure ease of use. The vaccine takes about a year. Next, you will begin preclinical studies.

The shape of the spray and the ideal cleaning should ensure a high degree of safety of the vaccine. New generation will preserve the properties of the drug constant throughout the storage period.

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Note, NPO "Microgen" engaged in the production of vaccines against influenza a decent time. Attenuated freeze-dried vaccine "Ultrabac" is used for vaccination of the population in 2010.

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