Irish scientists have established a link between the name of the person and his health

Pleased readers comic issue of the scientific journal British Medical Journal. In one of the articles was told that Irish scientists have identified a connection between the name of the person and his health. Cardiologists conducted a study and found some regularities involving diseases of the cardiovascular system.

In the text of the article mentioned that people with the surname Fact several times more likely to suffer obesity, surname Lowe leads to depression, while Brady - heart disease and bradycardia.

This phenomenon was confirmed after research globally. However, the so-called nominative determinism can be noted among Russian celebrities. That only is the member name Govorukhin, a well-known fighter against doping Nicholas Durmanov and champion sprint Valery Borzov. Of course, such a connection is traced, but is not determinative.

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It should be noted that the study was carried comic character, and the whole new year's issue of the magazine.

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