IQ baby suffers from any amount of alcohol during pregnancy

According to the research group of scientists representing Bristol and Oxford Universities, the use of alcohol during pregnancy, even in small doses threatens negative IQ child. The results were published in the journal PLOS ONE.

Science is characterized by the diversity of views on alcohol use by pregnant women. Some experts called for total abstinence from alcohol, other alcohol is allowed in moderation.

New research based on the genetic approach to studying the influence of alcohol. More than 4,000 mothers with children analyzed by scientists, who established that the low IQ of children is associated with four variants of genes involved in the metabolism of alcohol.

When alcohol is the conversion of ethanol in the enzyme acetaldehyde. Genes encoding these enzymes are changed, which causes differences in the ability of absorption of ethanol. As the scientists explain, slow metabolism causes the growth and long-term preservation of the peak levels of alcohol.

Considered to be: a fast metabolism provides a lower intake of alcohol to the fetus, which prevents improper brain development in children. The children, whose mother refused alcohol during pregnancy differed by the absence of any impact on their IQ.

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