Invented the syringe for painless injections

What injections are painful process - about this problem is known to every parent who led his infant son for a routine vaccination. But sometimes - just for twenty minutes, a person has to do dozens of injections, and he, of course, not always this news is ready to take note of. It seems that these sentimental experience, alas, will be with us until the end of our days.

Fortunately, there is Oliver Blackwell, which States: "among the medical staff there is a myth full of pain-free injection. Many patients, however, can confirm that this is a rather painful process." The idea don't you think too original? But the solution it found similar to, quite fresh.

With mind syringe developed by Oliver, from conventional syringe is not much different. According to the inventor, - "it Was clear that the medical staff does not wish to use the tool, quite different from the one that already exists. Before traditional needle is introduced under the skin, the needle diameter is many times smaller (the pain from which is almost not noticeable) containing about 0.2 ml of anesthetic. It's not much, but undergoing anesthesia surface is also small: the second needle is almost in that same area. But the patient experiences will be completely different. And it is not only the syringes include, but cannulae and catheters.

In addition, there are situations where after entering anesthetic needed to take any medication. As stated by O. Blackwell, if earlier doctor for this purpose it was necessary to do two injections, but now everything is done just once. And if fewer injections, and the probability of the nerve is much lower. Finally, it is radically simplify the formulation of injections children, which, as you already know, it is simply impossible to persuade.

The inventor has already completed development of a syringe of a new generation and now he is preparing for widespread clinical testing, then, expected to begin mass production.

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