Invented Сadbury chocolate does not melt even at 40 degrees above zero

According to "Work", it became known about the invention of a British confectionery company Cadbury chocolate is not melting at a temperature of 40 deg. Celsius. This result is obtained thanks to a new way to break down sugar to smaller particles, while reducing the amount of fat covering them.

However, skeptics doubt about the taste of permanent chocolate. It is difficult to imagine how such a bar will be able to dissolve in the mouth.

The company Cadbury has announced plans to deliver a new kind of chocolate in countries with a predominantly hot climate. However, according to the Business, great Britain is not among these countries, which has caused debate in British society. In the address of the company there were allegations of some parliamentarians on sale in other countries the best British products, which are disadvantaged by the local population. According to the head of corporate Affairs Кraft Foods Tony Millsboro such insinuations unfounded, since in this case we are talking about normal calculation: the product is unlikely to be in demand on the British market.

The company Cadbury plc was founded in 1889 and is one of the world leaders in the production of chocolate.

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