Invented eternal pacemaker that does not require replacement

Pacemakers save and prolong the lives of millions of patients with heart diseases, but their lifespan is relatively short - no more than 10 years, and more often than 4-5 years. Next to replace the stimulant have to spend surgery, which carries certain risks.

That's why for years, scientists have been struggling with the creation of a pacemaker, which does not need frequent replacement. And American researchers from the University of Michigan managed to create a prototype of such a device that receives power by reducing the heart muscle. Tiny plates of ceramic material will get a boost from the beating of the heart, and piezomaterial to transform mechanical energy into electrical signals.

I found that heartbeat such a device can produce 8 times more energy than necessary. The device operates at frequency of heartbeat in the range from 7 to 700 beats per minute ( normal heartbeat - 60-80). While scientists are developing do not cause rejection of the shell.

Amin Karama and Daniel Inman already used this technology in the creation of unmanned aerial vehicles, where the current produced due to the vibration of the wings.

It is believed that the device will be much cheaper old Pacer, ideally, the price should be about a thousand dollars.

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