Intuition helps doctors diagnose

The inner voice may tell the young doctor, what diagnosis you need to put a little patient. This is the conclusion of the British and Belgian scientists analyzing 3890 visits children in hospitals in Flanders.

Many childhood infections, doctors may inadvertently or lack of experience to miss. However, as shown by a study conducted by experts from Oxford University and the University of Leuven, in fact, diagnosed the inner voice of the doctor can be crucial. Medical intuition was defined by the researchers as "intuitive feeling that the diagnosis is more serious, even if the doctor does not know why it occurred.

3369 children from a total of 3890 young visitors to the clinics received a not very serious diagnoses. But after it turned out that 6 of them were actually seriously infected. It was found that if the doctors had listened to your inner voice, the number of hospitalized children could be reduced by 2. While medical intuition worked falsely in 44 cases, "looking" false diagnoses in more simple cases.

9 young patients out of 21 cases with serious diagnoses were sent to the hospital only after repeated trips to the doctor. And already in the first reception physicians in 4 of 9 cases intuitively felt that the symptoms of the patient were hiding a serious illness. The researchers noted that the inner voice of doctors is activated, if the kid looks bad, breathing hard, and the child's parents suspect a serious disease. While medical intuition often worked at young and inexperienced doctors.

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