Intrauterine simplistica person is every living creature

Scientists from tufts University has been able to identify the genetic mechanism that helps sentient beings to get rid of facial anomalies identified natural program to identify defects in the body.

Scientists at the example of the frog embryo has proven that developing organisms are not genetically pre-programmed shape of the face, another process, a more robust and flexible, gives newnodename being a person without a strong defects.

There are groups of cells in the embryo, which independently determine its position and shape in relation to other organs, the face itself is built, except for the deviation from the "drawing" of its main parts.

Researchers intentionally created defects in the face of embryos of the frog, and then watched the adjustment process of the embryo defects. When it is detected that the facial structure themselves begin to move against each other for his compensation. This proves that the dynamic behavior of cell groups founded in the genome, the construction of a new form of entity returned the muzzle of the frog to the standards of the species.

The study of this mechanism will enable the biomedical not only to change the shape of the face, because congenital facial defects has one of the 600 newborns, but will open new horizons for regenerative medicine.

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