Intestinal bacteria determine the feeding behavior of the person

Intestinal flora influences the feeding behaviour of man. This is the conclusion of researchers from the University of California, University of new Mexico and the University of Arizona. Empirically managed to prove: the number of cases of obesity develops due to impaired bacterial composition of the gastrointestinal tract.

It's all about the necessity of certain types of bacteria in certain nutrients. Some microorganisms prefer fats, some fast carbs (glucose).

Bacteria can release into the intestinal lumen signaling substances that transmit signals in the nervous system, causing them to consume more sugary and fatty foods. Such a phenomenon scientists have registered a number of people with obesity. There is an assumption that the signal in the brain comes through the vagus nerve.

Note, the gastrointestinal tract is directly related not only nervous, but with the endocrine system. A healthy intestine provides one of the immunity of the body. Experts advise to maintain optimal bacterial balance, to watch him healthy person is fairly simple - you just need to eat right.

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