Internet users will be able to use the database on Tibetan medicine

Institute of traditional Tibetan medicine translated into a digital form over 800 works on the popular treatments of various diseases. Among them there are rare instances, Dating back to the seventh century of our era. Participation in digitization took the specialists of the Department of science and technology of the Tibetan Autonomous region.

In the near future will appear as a separate web portal with ability to read texts. This step will allow you to make the traditional Tibetan medicine in wide circles. Texts will be available in Chinese and Tibetan languages.

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Note that earlier attempt to digitize knowledge of Tibetan shamans did one Tibetan hospital. Experts have collected more than one hundred thousand recipes some of the recipes was for more than ten centuries. Recently, Tibetan medicine has become to have a lot in common with the traditional methods of Chinese medicine. Scientists believe that ancient modern methods will help doctors more detailed understanding of the disease and the position of the patient.

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