Internet surfing slows down the aging brain

The constant use of the Internet slows down the process of reducing the memory and the aging brain, reports The Times of India. Quick thinking is necessary to search for information and its assimilation. Such training of the brain increases its service life.

The Internet, scientists believe, increases cognitive reserve and expanding the network of neurons in the brain. This slows down the process of aging. The data were confirmed in a study involving 6422 British. The age of the volunteers ranged from 50 to 89 years. As it turned out, this group the benefits of the world wide web is beneficial.

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Regular access to the network increases the performance of digital literacy of the elderly population, their quality of life, preserves the intellect and faster thinking. However, excessive use of the Internet increases the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Scientists advise to find a middle ground between an active lifestyle and absorption of information.

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